Health Update: Part II

The news I received at my doctor appointment to review my test results was much better than I had expected, which has been a huge relief. Things are progressing a little slower then I would like but what else is new?

Here is what I know based on the tests that we ran:

  • I do not have SIBO or Dysbiosis. This is a huge break because I was feeling so overwhelmed reading blog posts on how long and complex the treatment process can be depending on the severity.
  • I do however, have a fairly severe bacteria overgrowth in my intestines, Enterococcus Faecium, to be exact. I’ve been doing some research on that specific type but haven’t found a ton of relevant info besides a few recommended herbal and probiotic treatments, when I have more time I’ll dig a little deeper.
  • Most of my blood work was normal, my cholesterol is great, and vitamin intake is fairly good per my diet but my absorption has probably been low for a while due to the bacteria overgrowth and low acid contact in my stomach.

The red flag; my TSH (Thyroid-Stimulating Hormones) are substantially low. That paired up with my body’s cortisol level is creating the chronic exhaustion and anxiety. This was actually the most interesting thing I learned from my tests, I have struggled with being so tired for so long and feeling like a bag of river rock is permanently sitting on my chest. It was a good feeling to know that it was more so a symptom based on a medical issue than not something I had created in my head. Once I started to dig into the symptoms of altered TSH levels quite a few things that I have been dealing with for some time now  began to make more sense. 


  • I start a gut treatment for the next few weeks involving a clove and artemisia in liquid form, berberine, and in two weeks I will start on a high dose probiotic.
  • I am taking an adrenal supplement alongside a thyroid medicine to help regulate my hormones and bring them back to a normal baseline.
  • I am continuing to take Natural Calm with calcium (only until my gut is healed since my dietary calcium intake levels were fine but my absorption is low). I am also continuing to take HCL until the bacteria is gone and I can produce my own.
  • My diet is still revolving around FODMAP for now but starting next week I am going to start reintroducing a few vegetables and spices I had removed to see how I react.

All in all, the escalating and aggravating symptoms I have been dealing with over the last few months had me feeling pretty hopeless and exhausted. The money spent on all the appointments, tests, and treatments was well worth it and I am very grateful to have good health insurance. I am two weeks into my 8 week treatment and I already feel so much better. My energy is slowly coming back and I wake up feeling like I actually slept a few hours instead of fighting to keep my head up on my morning commutes. My muscle tone is returning. I had an overall puffiness from the inflammation that yes, I’m sure may not have been noticeable to many others, but I sure as hell could see it. Things are looking good but I will keep you guys updated as I move into the second phase of the treatment. 


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Brad · July 11, 2018 at 4:09 am

Sounds all to familiar! I’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue, dizziness/vertigo, constant digestion issues, depression, and anxiety now for well over a year. My PCP says I’m fine and it’s all in my head, but I don’t agree. I’d be interested to hear what kind of tests you had and if you went to a “normal” doctor or a naturopathic doc. Thanks and hope you continue to heal!! Brad 🙂

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