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FullSizeRender 5 2My name is Jamison, for those of you new to my site I am a Scottsdale based ass-kicking fitness enthusiast who can be found hitting the squat rack in the gym, motivating friends and family through their own fitness journey, or blasting up Camelback Mountain with a 50 Lbs. weight vest. There is no BS here, I don’t sell any teas and I do not advocate any “quick fix weight loss plans”. I am a firm believer that each individual functions and responds differently than the next and I enjoy sharing what I have learned along my own journey to help others find what works for them. If you are here reading this it means you’re looking for something genuine and you don’t shy away from hard work.  Welcome! 🙂

I battled years of depression and severe anxiety after graduating high school from the loss of a sister to childhood brain cancer. I was chronically exhausted, I dreaded driving at anytime of the day for fear of falling asleep at the wheel, and I lost out on time with friends and family because I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house. I finally came to a point in my life where I knew that if I did not make a change, for both my physical and mental well being, I would suffer for the rest of my life.

FullSizeRender 9I finally bit the bullet and dedicated a little time and money to visiting different specialists. I had blood work done and learned more about my genetic makeup in order to find the root of what my body was missing on a daily basis. I was diagnosed with Celiac as a teenager and later, Epstein Barr, which has made my journey to health a bit more complicated but has opened my mind to so many more facets of the health industry over the past few years and other people who are fighting a similar battle to mine. I experimented with natural supplements and I played with all kinds of eating habits; finally landing on a combination of intermittent fasting on a fat based diet. I can happily say that I feel better than I ever have, my energy level has skyrocketed, my clean eating habits make keeping my muscles lean a breeze, and my motivation to kill it in the gym is tenfold. (Blog post detailing current GI issues)

Each body is different and no particular diet or lifestyle can work for us all. We all have a responsibility to research our own differences; to find out what makes you tick! I have been there, done that, and I am definitely still learning. I hope that this site offers some insight in the struggle that comes along with an autoimmune disease like Celiac while keeping the motivation strong and pumping out killer workouts for you all!

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